AIDI, Partner of Full LED Expo and of The Lighting Days 2017

Since its founding in 1958, AIDI, the Italian Association of Lighting, has been carrying out a constant scientific, technical and cultural dissemination of knowledge on lighting.

AIDI has as its primary purpose the diffusion of knowledge of all aspects related to lighting and the promotion of study and research, in order to facilitate the development of its applications.

It carries out educational, cultural and dissemination activities; it establishes its own committees and study boards; it has relationships with organizations, associations, research centres, and national and international commissions that are directly or indirectly carrying out activities, in Italy or abroad, for the development of lighting studies and applications.

Being one of its founding members since 1969, AIDI participates, as a member of the Council and of the Board of Directors, in the activities of Lux EUROPA. It gives its active contribution to the organization of the Lux EUROPA Congress that takes place every four years in one of the participating countries.

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